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Aug 1




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Aug 1


Before u make fun of someone’s foreign accent, take some time to think about how they speak more languages than u and how u are a failure


so much of this website is just outcasts bullying other outcasts for not being the right kind of outcast

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hey… no offense.. but do you want to hold hands

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Why are all queer events on at like 10 at night? Some of us queers can’t stay out that late? Can’t we have a gay afternoon tea? Lesbian lunch? Bisexual breakfast?

We don’t have many of these things due to the hypersexualisation of queerness, since LGBTQ events of any kind are coded as deviant and therefore inherently “adult” in comparrison to the heterosexual default everything is catered to much older people under the cover of night.

It’s considered obscene to be not heterosexual in the daytime so practically all LGBTQ events are held past the watershed, often with alcohol and 18+ themes (and drugs if the event is less reputable), which generally excludes younger, poorer and less able people from connecting with others in the community. We need gay afternoon teas, lesbian lunches, bisexual breakfasts, transgender picnics and queer noon BBQs, not only because it provides essential outreach for a huge and very vunerable portion of the community, but because it’s a kick in the teeth for heterosexist douchebags who want to cover up LGBTQ people as something dirty and nsfw.


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Lena_レナ-permission was given by the artist-

-permission was given by the artist-

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Like the rule goes


When dad says no


you go to mommy

got7 family portrait. markjin just can’t keep their hands to themselves (‐^▽^‐)

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